Slow Laptop Fix? 3 Windows Configurations to Try First

Looking for a slow laptop fix? Start by configuring Windows for better performance before considering a hardware upgrade. While putting in an SSD or adding more system memory can drastically improve the feel of your computer, so can configuring the operating system. Improving laptop speed without spending a cent seems like a logical place to start, right?

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OpenWrt Routers for 802.11ac: Five Picks

It is showtime for OpenWRT routers and open source firmware. After rumblings that the FCC was moving to ban custom-flashing of wireless routers, the feds backed off. Credit the Blufferbloat Project, a group of FOSS networking pioneers, for schooling the agency about open source transparency.

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Paradigm: Jacob Janerka’s Weird World of PC Nostalgia

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Interview with 2D computer artist Jacob Janerka, who crowdfunded his way out of electronics retail job to develop Paradigm, a weird throwback to point-‘n-click adventure games like Maniac Mansion and Myst. Imagine Gary Larson’s Far Side comics as an interactive DOS game--that's the best I can describe the feel.

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CPU Benchmarks: GIMPS has the Prime Source

System builders look at CPU benchmarks to verify vendor specifications printed on the box (or online product page) in real-world contexts before buying hardware. I thought it would be interesting to benchmark the benchmark sites.

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Find the Best Computer for Video Editing at Any Budget

Need a PC for Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Maya, and other professional editing programs? Which components provide the non-negotiable performance needed for the job? Which ones provide the nice-to-have benefits that fall within your budget ranges? We'll ferret all this out here.

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