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Step One of Ransomware Removal: Educate Your Users

Step one to ransomware removal? Don’t fall victim in the first place. That starts with education users. Not to be glib about it, but any security expert will tell you the weakest point in any network sits behind the keyboard. If you’ve succumb to a ransomware attack, do not worry and more importantly, do not pay the ransom. There are plenty of ransomware removal tools that will help you out of this jam.

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Ransomware Protection is as Easy as 3-2-1

Hackers are pretty clever. They design ransomware that is backwards-engineered from popular AV software coding so it flies under the radar through your network. First they use a bit of smooth social engineering to slip into an inbox. From there he sends out the ransomware in a company e-mail, mimicking a trusted coworker sending a file. When opened it, the malware exploits weak Java code en route to encrypting web and application servers.

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